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  1. Photo of Vicente Amorim

    Vicente Amorim Director

  2. Photo of David França Mendes

    David França Mendes Screenplay

  3. Photo of Cláudia Abreu

    Cláudia Abreu Cast

  4. Photo of Wagner Moura

    Wagner Moura Cast

  5. Photo of Ravi Ramos Lacerda

    Ravi Ramos Lacerda Cast

  6. Photo of Manoel Sebastião Alves Filho

    Manoel Sebastião Alves Filho Cast

  7. Photo of Felipe Newton Silva Rodrigues

    Felipe Newton Silva Rodrigues Cast

  8. Photo of Cícera Cristina Almino de Lima

    Cícera Cristina Almino de Lima Cast

  9. Photo of Cícero Wesley A. Ferreira

    Cícero Wesley A. Ferreira Cast

  10. Photo of Claudio Jaborandy

    Claudio Jaborandy Cast

  11. Photo of Sidney Magal

    Sidney Magal Cast

  12. Photo of Franciolli Luciano

    Franciolli Luciano Cast

  13. Photo of Carol Castro

    Carol Castro Cast

  14. Photo of Caco Monteiro

    Caco Monteiro Cast

  15. Photo of Laís Corrêa

    Laís Corrêa Cast

  16. Photo of Fábio Lago

    Fábio Lago Cast

  17. Photo of Alexandre Zacchia

    Alexandre Zacchia Cast

  18. Photo of Augusto Madeira

    Augusto Madeira Cast

  19. Photo of Marcello Gonçalves

    Marcello Gonçalves Cast

  20. Photo of Lúcio Leonn

    Lúcio Leonn Cast

  21. Photo of Giobanni Marsallis

    Giobanni Marsallis Cast

  22. Photo of Haroldo Serra

    Haroldo Serra Cast

  23. Photo of Angela Escudero

    Angela Escudero Cast

  24. Photo of Ana Marlene

    Ana Marlene Cast

  25. Photo of Hiramissa Serra

    Hiramissa Serra Cast

  26. Photo of Hiroldo Serra

    Hiroldo Serra Cast

  27. Photo of Ana Cristina Viana

    Ana Cristina Viana Cast

  28. Photo of Seraão Santos

    Seraão Santos Cast

  29. Photo of Márcio Araújo

    Márcio Araújo Cast

  30. Photo of Lincoln Oliveira Magalhães

    Lincoln Oliveira Magalhães Cast

  31. Photo of Johayne Ildefonso

    Johayne Ildefonso Cast

  32. Photo of Luca De Castro

    Luca De Castro Cast

  33. Photo of Thierry Tremouroux

    Thierry Tremouroux Cast

  34. Photo of Carla Regina

    Carla Regina Cast

  35. Photo of Cesar Rodrigues

    Cesar Rodrigues Cast

  36. Photo of Gustavo Hadba

    Gustavo Hadba Cinematography

  37. Photo of André Abujamra

    André Abujamra Music

  38. Photo of Jean-Louis Leblanc

    Jean-Louis Leblanc Production Design

  39. Photo of Bruno Barreto

    Bruno Barreto Producer

  40. Photo of Lucy Barreto

    Lucy Barreto Producer

  41. Photo of Angelo Gastal

    Angelo Gastal Producer

  42. Photo of Luiz Carlos Barreto

    Luiz Carlos Barreto Producer

  43. Photo of Anne Pinheiro Guimarães

    Anne Pinheiro Guimarães Producer

  44. Photo of Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues

    Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Producer

  45. Photo of Paula Barreto

    Paula Barreto Executive Producer

  46. Photo of Pedro Amorim

    Pedro Amorim Editing

  47. Photo of Miriam Biderman

    Miriam Biderman Sound

  48. Photo of Ana Chiarini

    Ana Chiarini Sound

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