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  1. No T.Hanks's rating of the film The Middleman

    For those less familiar with Ray's work, this film also goes by the title "Jana Aranya". It was made in the mid-70's, and seems less a victim to time and wear than Ray's earlier work. Last I looked, (Jan 2010) it's also available for rental from Netflix, if, like me you're unable to access it through this site. The version here, though, might be superior. Like all Ray works, it's understated, but brilliant.

  2. divya's rating of the film The Middleman

    While mainstream Indian cinema was celebrating the revenge seeking rags-to-riches story, Satyajit Ray was busy capturing the rise of the Indian Middle Class. I am so thankful for this movie that got me to see the rise of Indian cities.

  3. saptarshi's rating of the film The Middleman

    It's on youtube - The subtitles are a little sketch, but eh.