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  1. Photo of Jack Bender

    Jack Bender Director

  2. Photo of William Bleich

    William Bleich Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lee Montgomery

    Lee Montgomery Cast

  4. Photo of Shari Belafonte

    Shari Belafonte Cast

  5. Photo of LeVar Burton

    LeVar Burton Cast

  6. Photo of Peter DeLuise

    Peter DeLuise Cast

  7. Photo of Dedee Pfeiffer

    Dedee Pfeiffer Cast

  8. Photo of Jonna Lee

    Jonna Lee Cast

  9. Photo of Jonelle Allen

    Jonelle Allen Cast

  10. Photo of Kevin McCarthy

    Kevin McCarthy Cast

  11. Photo of Cindy Morgan

    Cindy Morgan Cast

  12. Photo of Dick Van Patten

    Dick Van Patten Cast

  13. Photo of Kurtwood Smith

    Kurtwood Smith Cast

  14. Photo of Wolfman Jack

    Wolfman Jack Cast

  15. Photo of Rexford L. Metz

    Rexford L. Metz Cinematography

  16. Photo of Brad Fiedel

    Brad Fiedel Music

  17. Photo of Philip Griffin

    Philip Griffin Music

  18. Photo of Charles L. Hughes

    Charles L. Hughes Production Design

  19. Photo of Ervin Zavada

    Ervin Zavada Producer

  20. Photo of Sharon L. Sawyer

    Sharon L. Sawyer Executive Producer

  21. Photo of David A. Simmons

    David A. Simmons Editing

  22. Photo of Martin Raymond Bolger

    Martin Raymond Bolger Sound

  23. Photo of Ron Heilman

    Ron Heilman Costume Design