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  1. Photo of Steno

    Steno Director

  2. Photo of Giulio Scarnicci

    Giulio Scarnicci Screenplay

  3. Photo of Raimondo Vianello

    Raimondo Vianello Screenplay

  4. Photo of Renato Jaboni

    Renato Jaboni Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Armando Trovajoli

    Armando Trovajoli Music

  6. Photo of Ennio Guarnieri

    Ennio Guarnieri Cinematography

  7. Photo of Raimondo Crociani

    Raimondo Crociani Editing

  8. Photo of Gianni Polidori

    Gianni Polidori Production Design

  9. Photo of Gaia Romanini

    Gaia Romanini Costume Design

  10. Photo of Rossana Podestà

    Rossana Podestà Cast

  11. Photo of Lando Buzzanca

    Lando Buzzanca Cast

  12. Photo of Dominique Torrent

    Dominique Torrent Cast

  13. Photo of Paolo Cardoni

    Paolo Cardoni Cast

  14. Photo of Pia Velsi

    Pia Velsi Cast

  15. Photo of Ignazio Leone

    Ignazio Leone Cast

  16. Photo of Gianrico Tedeschi

    Gianrico Tedeschi Cast