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  1. Photo of Umetsugu Inoue

    Umetsugu Inoue Director

  2. Photo of Lily Ho

    Lily Ho Cast

  3. Photo of Chin Ping

    Chin Ping Cast

  4. Photo of Betty Ting Pei

    Betty Ting Pei Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Chen Ho

    Peter Chen Ho Cast

  6. Photo of Chin Feng

    Chin Feng Cast

  7. Photo of Yu Chien

    Yu Chien Cast

  8. Photo of Chang Pei-Shan

    Chang Pei-Shan Cast

  9. Photo of Chang Shih-Ou

    Chang Shih-Ou Cast

  10. Photo of Chao Hsiung

    Chao Hsiung Cast

  11. Photo of Cheung Chok-Chow

    Cheung Chok-Chow Cast

  12. Photo of Po Chien Chin

    Po Chien Chin Cast

  13. Photo of Chin Tien-chu

    Chin Tien-chu Cast

  14. Photo of Chu Chin

    Chu Chin Cast

  15. Photo of Yao Ko Chu

    Yao Ko Chu Cast

  16. Photo of Betty Chung

    Betty Chung Cast