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  1. Photo of Earl Derr Biggers

    Earl Derr Biggers Screenplay

  2. Photo of Julien Josephson

    Julien Josephson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Booth Tarkington

    Booth Tarkington Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maude T. Howell

    Maude T. Howell Screenplay

  5. Photo of George Arliss

    George Arliss Cast

  6. Photo of Florence Arliss

    Florence Arliss Cast

  7. Photo of David Manners

    David Manners Cast

  8. Photo of Evalyn Knapp

    Evalyn Knapp Cast

  9. Photo of James Cagney

    James Cagney Cast

  10. Photo of Bramwell Fletcher

    Bramwell Fletcher Cast

  11. Photo of Noah Beery

    Noah Beery Cast

  12. Photo of Ivan F. Simpson

    Ivan F. Simpson Cast

  13. Photo of J.C. Nugent

    J.C. Nugent Cast

  14. Photo of Sam Hardy

    Sam Hardy Cast

  15. Photo of J. Farrell MacDonald

    J. Farrell MacDonald Cast

  16. Photo of Charley Grapewin

    Charley Grapewin Cast

  17. Photo of Charles E. Evans

    Charles E. Evans Cast

  18. Photo of Tully Marshall

    Tully Marshall Cast

  19. Photo of Ethel Griffies

    Ethel Griffies Cast

  20. Photo of Ben Hall

    Ben Hall Cast

  21. Photo of James Van Trees

    James Van Trees Cinematography

  22. Photo of Alois Reiser

    Alois Reiser Music

  23. Photo of Leo F. Forbstein

    Leo F. Forbstein Music

  24. Photo of Esdras Hartley

    Esdras Hartley Production Design

  25. Photo of John G. Adolfi

    John G. Adolfi Producer and Director

  26. Photo of Owen Marks

    Owen Marks Editing

  27. Photo of Edward Stevenson

    Edward Stevenson Costume Design