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  1. Photo of George Loane Tucker

    George Loane Tucker Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of George M. Cohan

    George M. Cohan Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert Hobart Davis

    Robert Hobart Davis Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robert M. Davis

    Robert M. Davis Screenplay

  5. Photo of Wid Gunning

    Wid Gunning Screenplay

  6. Photo of Frank L. Packard

    Frank L. Packard Screenplay

  7. Photo of Lon Chaney

    Lon Chaney Cast

  8. Photo of Betty Compson

    Betty Compson Cast

  9. Photo of Joseph J. Dowling

    Joseph J. Dowling Cast

  10. Photo of J.M. Dumont

    J.M. Dumont Cast

  11. Photo of Elinor Fair

    Elinor Fair Cast

  12. Photo of Thomas Meighan

    Thomas Meighan Cast

  13. Photo of F.A. Turner

    F.A. Turner Cast

  14. Photo of Lucille Hutton

    Lucille Hutton Cast

  15. Photo of Lawson Butt

    Lawson Butt Cast

  16. Photo of Tula Belle

    Tula Belle Cast

  17. Photo of T.D. Crittenden

    T.D. Crittenden Cast

  18. Photo of Kisaburo Kurihara

    Kisaburo Kurihara Cast

  19. Photo of Ruby Lafayette

    Ruby Lafayette Cast

  20. Photo of Frankie Lee

    Frankie Lee Cast

  21. Photo of Hugo Riesenfeld

    Hugo Riesenfeld Music

  22. Photo of Ernest Palmer

    Ernest Palmer Editing

  23. Photo of Phil Rosen

    Phil Rosen Editing