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  1. Photo of Sönke Wortmann

    Sönke Wortmann Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hanno Huth

    Hanno Huth Producer

  3. Photo of Tom Spiess

    Tom Spiess Producer

  4. Photo of Rochus Hahn

    Rochus Hahn Screenplay

  5. Photo of Tom Fährmann

    Tom Fährmann Cinematography

  6. Photo of Louis Klamroth

    Louis Klamroth Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Lohmeyer

    Peter Lohmeyer Cast

  8. Photo of Johanna Gastdorf

    Johanna Gastdorf Cast

  9. Photo of Mirko Lang

    Mirko Lang Cast

  10. Photo of Birthe Wolter

    Birthe Wolter Cast

  11. Photo of Katharina Wackernagel

    Katharina Wackernagel Cast

  12. Photo of Lucas Gregorowicz

    Lucas Gregorowicz Cast

  13. Photo of Péter Franke

    Péter Franke Cast

  14. Photo of Sascha Göpel

    Sascha Göpel Cast

  15. Photo of Knut Hartwig

    Knut Hartwig Cast

  16. Photo of Holger Dexne

    Holger Dexne Cast

  17. Photo of Simon Verhoeven

    Simon Verhoeven Cast

  18. Photo of Jo Stock

    Jo Stock Cast

  19. Photo of Martin Bretschneider

    Martin Bretschneider Cast

  20. Photo of Ueli Christen

    Ueli Christen Editing

  21. Photo of Uli Hanisch

    Uli Hanisch Production Design

  22. Photo of Marcel Barsotti

    Marcel Barsotti Music