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  1. Photo of Tony Trimarsanto

    Tony Trimarsanto Production Design

  2. Photo of Kamila Andini

    Kamila Andini Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pemda Kabupaten Wakatobi

    Pemda Kabupaten Wakatobi Producer

  4. Photo of Asaf Antariksa

    Asaf Antariksa Producer

  5. Photo of Anastasia Rina

    Anastasia Rina Producer

  6. Photo of Wiwid Setya

    Wiwid Setya Producer

  7. Photo of Gita Fara

    Gita Fara Producer

  8. Photo of Garin Nugroho

    Garin Nugroho Producer

  9. Photo of Nadine Chandrawinata

    Nadine Chandrawinata Producer

  10. Photo of Dirmawan Hatta

    Dirmawan Hatta Screenplay

  11. Photo of Rachmat Syaiful

    Rachmat Syaiful Cinematography

  12. Photo of Atiqah Hasiholan

    Atiqah Hasiholan Cast

  13. Photo of Reza Rahadian

    Reza Rahadian Cast

  14. Photo of Gita Lovalista

    Gita Lovalista Cast

  15. Photo of Eko

    Eko Cast

  16. Photo of Zainal

    Zainal Cast

  17. Photo of Halwiyah

    Halwiyah Cast

  18. Photo of Darsono

    Darsono Cast

  19. Photo of Wawan I. Wibowo

    Wawan I. Wibowo Editing

  20. Photo of Thoersi Argeswara

    Thoersi Argeswara Music