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Ratings & Reviews

  1. DenoResandono's rating of the film The Mirror Never Lies

    Well, THE MIRROR NEVER LIES could be an amazing movie. It has an interesting concept. Too bad, I felt this movie is overstuff. At some point, this movie seems confused to become drama or romance. The story of Pakis searching for her father looks unsatisfying. But it's still a decent movie. Because director Kamila Andini still succeed to deliver its important moral value. Best scene: Atiqah Hasiholan taking a bath :)

  2. Kevin Aditya's rating of the film The Mirror Never Lies

    If I were given a choice to decide the direction this film should take, I'd prefer a documentary — the setting is ultimately mystifying even among Indonesians, but the script couldn't choose whether to mold it into a drama or romance.

  3. firmanimad's rating of the film The Mirror Never Lies

    Really liked it. But somehow I enjoyed it more as a beautiful 'documentary' than as a fiction movie. That being said, Indonesia needs more films like this. Some people with such alien life lives so close to us, yet we never hear more about them. It really is ridiculous.

  4. eric gould's rating of the film The Mirror Never Lies

    Kamila Andini's poetic film unveils a moving story about a young girl's obsessive longing for her father, possibly lost at sea. Filmed in and around the Wakatobi archipelago in Indonesia and among the Bajo community whose village nearly floats above sea level, this setting is like a blue pearl gleaming under the sun. Wonderfully photographed, The Mirror Never Lies is a soulful journey about family and youth.