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  1. Ozan Yanik's rating of the film The Mirror

    ''aynanın ötesindeki ülkene götürürdün beni.''

  2. Iulian's rating of the film The Mirror

    A poetic journey and exploration of memory, of fate, in which the male character is trying to catch a glimpse of the lost childhood, happiness and feelings. His mother seems to be a paradoxal figure for him, throught the film, causing wonder and sadness. It was a surreal viewing experience and I think Tarkovsky's world is profoundly magical.

  3. 4dvideo's rating of the film The Mirror

    This film is hard to even put into words, as it's such a direct, intense and overwhelming vision- like watching Andrei's consciousness and reflections from his own head on the big screen. I adore the way the Mother, Wife and Grandmother characters all blend into one, and the depth, beauty, pain and complexities of the women in this film. The wind in the field will haunt me forever too. Watch on a big screen !

  4. P D Dawson's rating of the film The Mirror

    A masterwork of interweaving narratives and seamless transitions. From dreams, memories and fantasies as a base, we glide like a floating spirit nestled in confusion, seeking to find higher meaning. The boldness and brilliance of Tarkovsky's film cannot be understated, nor can it be simply summarised. Rather, the film demands and rewards repeated viewing, and like a fine painting, reveals its many layers over time.

  5. ceknklsn's rating of the film The Mirror

    93/100 (Acaba şu fındık ağacı neden konuşamıyor?)

  6. DimasRimbaud's rating of the film The Mirror

  7. Radu Varga's rating of the film The Mirror

  8. Ximena Rubio's rating of the film The Mirror

    Una autobiografia no solo del director, talvez de una nación entera, bromeo un poco con eso "No existe la muerte, la vida es eterna".

  9. Ryan Ferrari's rating of the film The Mirror

    Tarkovsky's movies have an undeniably beautiful cinematography that combined with rich sound design can create iconic and almost hypnotic scenes. Also the powerful poetry of Arseny Tarkovsky hold my interest during most of the film. But none of this prevented me from falling asleep and feeling no need to revisit it soon.

  10. Frank ViSo's rating of the film The Mirror

  11. sofiazelaya's rating of the film The Mirror

    la experiencia sensorial más potente que he tenido con una película desde persona

  12. Gonzelush Thompson's rating of the film The Mirror

    Un film foarte personal, atât pentru creatorul lui, cât și pentru fiecare privitor (în nici un caz nu spectator) în parte. Dacă sincer, eu n-am văzut lumină atât de faină în nici un film. Plus, o istorie a artelor turnată pe peliculă, de la iconografia bizantină la renascentiști, de la impresionismul francez la arta modernă din prima jumătate a secolului XX. Ăsta-i un film care va dăinui, precum Da Vinci.

  13. Tim.Ellrich's rating of the film The Mirror

    Saw it as part of the carte blanche of Michael Haneke's favorite films. I like Tarkovsky, but this one felt flat and to simple. Of course, I admire the way he tells the story, but in the end it narrows down to a very simplistic portray of a mother who doesnt like his son, because she wanted a girl. It feels not complex at all and for that reason cannot be a masterpiece for me.

  14. Brooke Naomi's rating of the film The Mirror

    i still go here when i close my eyes

  15. mubianer's rating of the film The Mirror

    One of the greats, first time watched in a cinema for me and what a difference it makes! It's no co-incidence people often say "words fail me" about "Mirror". I feel it's about a state of salvation through nature, beyond human struggle. Those private moments, like the boy watching himself in the mirror, seldom seen on film. Some scenes still puzzles me though, like the Mao scenes. So I will watch it again.

  16. LibertyCapz's rating of the film The Mirror

    Truly a poetic and beautifully crafted visual essay on the nature of memory. Feels like I need to watch this a few more times in order to fully appreciate it though.

  17. Silvoieski's rating of the film The Mirror

    Like a pure dream, every image is a masterpiece, all memories should be painted like this.

  18. spAce_'s rating of the film The Mirror

    "I haven't spoken to anyone in three days. I think it's good to keep silent for a while. Words can't express everything a person feels. They are too inert."

  19. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film The Mirror

  20. postblueink's rating of the film The Mirror

    9.5/10 (01. 12. 2017). Маргарита Терехова.

  21. film_frame's rating of the film The Mirror

    How does time affect memory? Tarkovsky, cinema's greatest meta-physician, poet, and philosopher explores the depths of human consciousness and in doing so, shows why the purpose of cinema is to explore the deepest trenches of the human condition.

  22. Ben Nash's rating of the film The Mirror

    If not Tarkovsky's best, definitely Tarkovsky's most.

  23. MisterColo93's rating of the film The Mirror

  24. Walker's rating of the film The Mirror

    My desert island film. I think it has got to be one of the most complete expressions of human consciousness that exists. It makes my heart ache and my soul cry. It makes me smile in wonder, and eventually reach some sort of peace with it all.

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