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  1. Photo of Florián Rey

    Florián Rey Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Carlos Fernández Shaw

    Carlos Fernández Shaw Screenplay

  3. Photo of José López Silva

    José López Silva Screenplay

  4. Photo of Josefina Tapias

    Josefina Tapias Cast

  5. Photo of Juan de Orduña

    Juan de Orduña Cast

  6. Photo of José Moncayo

    José Moncayo Cast

  7. Photo of Ceferino Barrajón

    Ceferino Barrajón Cast

  8. Photo of Antonio Mata

    Antonio Mata Cast

  9. Photo of Alfredo Hurtado

    Alfredo Hurtado Cast

  10. Photo of Luis R. Alonso

    Luis R. Alonso Cinematography

  11. Photo of Juan Figuera Vargas

    Juan Figuera Vargas Producer