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  1. Photo of Gert Fredholm

    Gert Fredholm Director

  2. Photo of Erik Crone

    Erik Crone Producer

  3. Photo of Svend Hansen

    Svend Hansen Producer

  4. Photo of Hans Scherfig

    Hans Scherfig Screenplay and Cast

  5. Photo of Erik Thygesen

    Erik Thygesen Screenplay

  6. Photo of Henning Kristiansen

    Henning Kristiansen Cinematography

  7. Photo of Ove Sprogøe

    Ove Sprogøe Cast

  8. Photo of Bodil Kjer

    Bodil Kjer Cast

  9. Photo of Karl Stegger

    Karl Stegger Cast

  10. Photo of Poul Thomsen

    Poul Thomsen Cast

  11. Photo of Preben Ravn

    Preben Ravn Cast

  12. Photo of Hans-Henrik Krause

    Hans-Henrik Krause Cast

  13. Photo of Valsø Holm

    Valsø Holm Cast

  14. Photo of Mime Fønss

    Mime Fønss Cast

  15. Photo of Jytte Abildstrøm

    Jytte Abildstrøm Cast

  16. Photo of Vera Gebuhr

    Vera Gebuhr Cast

  17. Photo of Holger Perfort

    Holger Perfort Cast

  18. Photo of Ulla Koppel

    Ulla Koppel Cast

  19. Photo of Lone Lindorff

    Lone Lindorff Cast

  20. Photo of Ole Varde Lassen

    Ole Varde Lassen Cast

  21. Photo of Elin Reimer

    Elin Reimer Cast

  22. Photo of Bjørn Puggaard-Müller

    Bjørn Puggaard-Müller Cast

  23. Photo of Flemming Quist Møller

    Flemming Quist Møller Cast

  24. Photo of Walt Rosenberg

    Walt Rosenberg Cast

  25. Photo of Kim Petersen

    Kim Petersen Cast

  26. Photo of Peter Ronild

    Peter Ronild Cast

  27. Photo of Steen Kaalø

    Steen Kaalø Cast

  28. Photo of Gunnar Strømvad

    Gunnar Strømvad Cast

  29. Photo of Mogens Bollerup

    Mogens Bollerup Cast

  30. Photo of Knud Hilding

    Knud Hilding Cast

  31. Photo of Hans Rostrup

    Hans Rostrup Cast

  32. Photo of Michel Hildesheim

    Michel Hildesheim Cast

  33. Photo of Kjeld Ammundsen

    Kjeld Ammundsen Cast

  34. Photo of Ivar Søe

    Ivar Søe Cast

  35. Photo of Avi Sagild

    Avi Sagild Cast

  36. Photo of Nikolaj Steen

    Nikolaj Steen Cast

  37. Photo of Paprika Steen

    Paprika Steen Cast

  38. Photo of Herbert Steinthal

    Herbert Steinthal Cast

  39. Photo of Lars Brydesen

    Lars Brydesen Editing

  40. Photo of Henning Christiansen

    Henning Christiansen Music

  41. Photo of Per Meinertsen

    Per Meinertsen Sound

  42. Photo of Alice Wiborg

    Alice Wiborg Costume Design