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  1. Photo of Arthur Penn

    Arthur Penn Director

  2. Photo of Thomas McGuane

    Thomas McGuane Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert Towne

    Robert Towne Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marlon Brando

    Marlon Brando Cast

  5. Photo of Jack Nicholson

    Jack Nicholson Cast

  6. Photo of Randy Quaid

    Randy Quaid Cast

  7. Photo of Kathleen Lloyd

    Kathleen Lloyd Cast

  8. Photo of Harry Dean Stanton

    Harry Dean Stanton Cast

  9. Photo of Frederic Forrest

    Frederic Forrest Cast

  10. Photo of John McLiam

    John McLiam Cast

  11. Photo of John P. Ryan

    John P. Ryan Cast

  12. Photo of Sam Gilman

    Sam Gilman Cast

  13. Photo of Daniel Ades

    Daniel Ades Cast

  14. Photo of Steve Franken

    Steve Franken Cast

  15. Photo of Richard Bradford

    Richard Bradford Cast

  16. Photo of Luana Anders

    Luana Anders Cast

  17. Photo of James Greene

    James Greene Cast

  18. Photo of Michael C. Butler

    Michael C. Butler Cinematography

  19. Photo of John Williams

    John Williams Music

  20. Photo of Albert Brenner

    Albert Brenner Production Design

  21. Photo of Elliott Kastner

    Elliott Kastner Producer

  22. Photo of Robert M. Sherman

    Robert M. Sherman Producer

  23. Photo of Marion Rosenberg

    Marion Rosenberg Producer

  24. Photo of Dede Allen

    Dede Allen Editing

  25. Photo of Gerald B. Greenberg

    Gerald B. Greenberg Editing

  26. Photo of Stephen A. Rotter

    Stephen A. Rotter Editing

  27. Photo of Dennis Maitland

    Dennis Maitland Sound

  28. Photo of Patricia Norris

    Patricia Norris Costume Design

  29. Photo of Stephen Myles Berger

    Stephen Myles Berger Art Department

  30. Photo of Marvin March

    Marvin March Art Department

  31. Photo of A.D. Flowers

    A.D. Flowers Special Effects