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  1. Photo of Jean Delannoy

    Jean Delannoy Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Henri Jeanson

    Henri Jeanson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roland Laudenbach

    Roland Laudenbach Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robert Thoeren

    Robert Thoeren Screenplay

  5. Photo of Michèle Morgan

    Michèle Morgan Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Gabin

    Jean Gabin Cast

  7. Photo of Walter Chiari

    Walter Chiari Cast

  8. Photo of Daniel Gélin

    Daniel Gélin Cast

  9. Photo of Denise Clair

    Denise Clair Cast

  10. Photo of Doris Duranti

    Doris Duranti Cast

  11. Photo of Lia Di Leo

    Lia Di Leo Cast

  12. Photo of Simone Paris

    Simone Paris Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Dalban

    Robert Dalban Cast

  14. Photo of Jim Gérald

    Jim Gérald Cast

  15. Photo of Raphaël Patorni

    Raphaël Patorni Cast

  16. Photo of Léon Canel

    Léon Canel Producer

  17. Photo of Henry Deutschmeister

    Henry Deutschmeister Producer

  18. Photo of Sidney Gilliat

    Sidney Gilliat Producer

  19. Photo of Frank Launder

    Frank Launder Producer

  20. Photo of Alfred Stöger

    Alfred Stöger Producer

  21. Photo of Paul Misraki

    Paul Misraki Music

  22. Photo of Georges van Parys

    Georges van Parys Music

  23. Photo of Winfried Zillig

    Winfried Zillig Music

  24. Photo of Gianni Di Venanzo

    Gianni Di Venanzo Cinematography

  25. Photo of Luise Hölscher

    Luise Hölscher Cinematography

  26. Photo of Robert Lefebvre

    Robert Lefebvre Cinematography

  27. Photo of James Cuenet

    James Cuenet Editing

  28. Photo of Serge Piménoff

    Serge Piménoff Production Design