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  1. Photo of Wesley Ruggles

    Wesley Ruggles Director

  2. Photo of Ernest B. Schoedsack

    Ernest B. Schoedsack Director

  3. Photo of W. W. Jacobs

    W. W. Jacobs Screenplay

  4. Photo of Graham John

    Graham John Screenplay

  5. Photo of Louis N. Parker

    Louis N. Parker Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ivan F. Simpson

    Ivan F. Simpson Cast

  7. Photo of Louise Carter

    Louise Carter Cast

  8. Photo of C. Aubrey Smith

    C. Aubrey Smith Cast

  9. Photo of Bramwell Fletcher

    Bramwell Fletcher Cast

  10. Photo of Betty Lawford

    Betty Lawford Cast

  11. Photo of Winter Hall

    Winter Hall Cast

  12. Photo of Herbert Bunston

    Herbert Bunston Cast

  13. Photo of Nina Quartero

    Nina Quartero Cast

  14. Photo of Harry Allen

    Harry Allen Cast

  15. Photo of James Bell

    James Bell Cast

  16. Photo of Sidney Bracey

    Sidney Bracey Cast

  17. Photo of Leo Britt

    Leo Britt Cast

  18. Photo of Louise Carver

    Louise Carver Cast

  19. Photo of Angus Darrock

    Angus Darrock Cast

  20. Photo of Nigel De Brulier

    Nigel De Brulier Cast

  21. Photo of George Edwards

    George Edwards Cast

  22. Photo of John George

    John George Cast

  23. Photo of Harold Hughes

    Harold Hughes Cast

  24. Photo of Gordon Jones

    Gordon Jones Cast

  25. Photo of J.M. Kerrigan

    J.M. Kerrigan Cast

  26. Photo of Gordon Magee

    Gordon Magee Cast

  27. Photo of LeRoy Mason

    LeRoy Mason Cast

  28. Photo of Scott McKee

    Scott McKee Cast

  29. Photo of Lal Chand Mehra

    Lal Chand Mehra Cast

  30. Photo of Eddie Miller

    Eddie Miller Cast

  31. Photo of C. Monsoor

    C. Monsoor Cast

  32. Photo of Joey Ray

    Joey Ray Cast

  33. Photo of Nick Shaid

    Nick Shaid Cast

  34. Photo of Will Stanton

    Will Stanton Cast

  35. Photo of Agnes Steele

    Agnes Steele Cast

  36. Photo of Harry Strang

    Harry Strang Cast

  37. Photo of Edward Cronjager

    Edward Cronjager Cinematography

  38. Photo of Jack MacKenzie

    Jack MacKenzie Cinematography

  39. Photo of J.O. Taylor

    J.O. Taylor Cinematography

  40. Photo of Leo Tover

    Leo Tover Cinematography

  41. Photo of Max Steiner

    Max Steiner Music

  42. Photo of Carroll Clark

    Carroll Clark Production Design

  43. Photo of Pandro S. Berman

    Pandro S. Berman Producer

  44. Photo of Merian C. Cooper

    Merian C. Cooper Producer

  45. Photo of Charles L. Kimball

    Charles L. Kimball Editing