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  1. Photo of Derek Kwok

    Derek Kwok Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Szeto Kam-Yuen

    Szeto Kam-Yuen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Clement Cheng Si-kit

    Clement Cheng Si-kit Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Lung Man-Hong

    Lung Man-Hong Screenplay

  5. Photo of Shawn Yue

    Shawn Yue Cast

  6. Photo of Seli Xian

    Seli Xian Cast

  7. Photo of Si Suet-yi

    Si Suet-yi Cast

  8. Photo of Louis Fan Siu-wong

    Louis Fan Siu-wong Cast

  9. Photo of Shaun Tam

    Shaun Tam Cast

  10. Photo of Matt Chow

    Matt Chow Cast

  11. Photo of Shaw Yin Yin

    Shaw Yin Yin Cast

  12. Photo of Liu Kai-chi

    Liu Kai-chi Cast

  13. Photo of Eric Tsang

    Eric Tsang Cast

  14. Photo of O Sing-Pui

    O Sing-Pui Cinematography

  15. Photo of Teddy Robin Kwan

    Teddy Robin Kwan Music

  16. Photo of Tommy Wai

    Tommy Wai Music

  17. Photo of Catherine Hun

    Catherine Hun Producer

  18. Photo of Lee Kwok-hin

    Lee Kwok-hin Producer

  19. Photo of Matthew Hui

    Matthew Hui Editing