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  1. Photo of Niazi Mostafa

    Niazi Mostafa Director

  2. Photo of Anwar Abdalla

    Anwar Abdalla Screenplay

  3. Photo of Abdel Hay Adib

    Abdel Hay Adib Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bahgat Kamar

    Bahgat Kamar Screenplay

  5. Photo of Fouad El-Mohandes

    Fouad El-Mohandes Cast

  6. Photo of Shouweikar

    Shouweikar Cast

  7. Photo of Soheir El-Bably

    Soheir El-Bably Cast

  8. Photo of Adel Adham

    Adel Adham Cast

  9. Photo of Mahmoud Azmy

    Mahmoud Azmy Cast

  10. Photo of Samir Sabri

    Samir Sabri Cast

  11. Photo of Hassan Mustafa

    Hassan Mustafa Cast and Cinematography

  12. Photo of Soad Hussein

    Soad Hussein Cast

  13. Photo of Kamal Korayem

    Kamal Korayem Cinematography

  14. Photo of Ibrahim Waly

    Ibrahim Waly Production Design

  15. Photo of Ibraham Waly

    Ibraham Waly Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Abdel Aziz Fakhry

    Abdel Aziz Fakhry Editing

  17. Photo of Youssef Safar

    Youssef Safar Sound