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  1. Nino Lasso's rating of the film The Most Holy Brotherhood

    Before being kidnapped, beaten into submission and blackmailed by different political factions, Samper's last film is raw, unrelenting and tremendously ghastly, a documentary that sends her within a now-extinct cult of highly reclusive zealots, deep in the jungle, and uses framing and exposition to study on their relationship with their bodies. Samper's state owns and withholds all of her films from public view.

  2. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film The Most Holy Brotherhood

    If film had a world archive, it is examples such as this silver-halide reliquary which should claim high priority. Here are weird and complex religio-political mythmakers reminiscent of bronze age shamans, or Indus Valley rishis standing in modern streets like shapeshifters from "a holy little sector" where Jung, Borges, Asturias, Mircea Eliade, Hannah Hoch, even Aleister Crowley stand to shout "holy little bravo."