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  1. Photo of Mary Harron

    Mary Harron Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rachel Klein

    Rachel Klein Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sarah Bolger

    Sarah Bolger Cast

  4. Photo of Sarah Gadon

    Sarah Gadon Cast

  5. Photo of Lily Cole

    Lily Cole Cast

  6. Photo of Judy Parfitt

    Judy Parfitt Cast

  7. Photo of Valerie Tian

    Valerie Tian Cast

  8. Photo of Melissa Farman

    Melissa Farman Cast

  9. Photo of Anne Day-Jones

    Anne Day-Jones Cast

  10. Photo of Laurence Hamelin

    Laurence Hamelin Cast

  11. Photo of Gia Sandhu

    Gia Sandhu Cast

  12. Photo of Declan Quinn

    Declan Quinn Cinematography

  13. Photo of Lesley Barber

    Lesley Barber Music

  14. Photo of Sylvain Gingras

    Sylvain Gingras Production Design

  15. Photo of Karine Martin

    Karine Martin Producer

  16. Photo of Sandra Cunningham

    Sandra Cunningham Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Jean-François Doray

    Jean-François Doray Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Norton Herrick

    Norton Herrick Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Zygi Kamasa

    Zygi Kamasa Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Louis-Simon Ménard

    Louis-Simon Ménard Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Edward R. Pressman

    Edward R. Pressman Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Andrew Marcus

    Andrew Marcus Editing