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  1. Dada Kubin's rating of the film The Mother

  2. Rosa's rating of the film The Mother

    Insanely well made documentary on motherhood.

  3. pipchubs's rating of the film The Mother

    A very moving documentary/film..shows strength and struggle of day to day life, against odds, of a Russian mother of nine .. A must watch!

  4. lady_lazarus's rating of the film The Mother

    Such harsh life captured with such tenderness, the feminine strength in the face of odds, that too with the ability to laugh about it and the beauty of the horror we call life. Must watch!

  5. SolemnPenguin's rating of the film The Mother

    Midwife: Wait while I put on my gown. Mother: But the baby's already coming!? [Midwife put the child back in. Enter Doctor.] Doctor: What's going on here? Mother: The baby was coming but she pushed him back. Doctor [to Midwife]: Bitch, are you nuts? Midwife: I didn't have my gown. Doctor: Fuck your gown! La Mere is a biographical document proper. It can make you chuckle, smile, sigh and maybe even cry.

  6. Alberto Redighieri's rating of the film The Mother

    It reminds me something about Panahi and Philibert especially "The circle" and "To be and to have", a mix of both... very touching plot and above all speeches create a feminine-drama so powerful.

  7. mgaspa's rating of the film The Mother

    A wonderful documental.

  8. tamara's rating of the film The Mother

    Must watch. Beautifully shot. Accurately depicts the daily life and struggles of many women in Russia, and the love and dedication of a mother to her children.

  9. msmichel's rating of the film The Mother

    Depressing but revealing film about a mother of nine children barely surviving in rustic Russia. We see the brutality of day to day but also the love and tenderness her brood have for one another. The oldest daughter in particular we have an affinity for as it is she who has helped raise the rest, but in the time period of the film we see her married and become a mother herself with a ahead. Strong.

  10. syimi, une femme!'s rating of the film The Mother

    its dramatic yet so real..loved it.

  11. Tash Prosto's rating of the film The Mother

  12. Natasa's rating of the film The Mother

    i watch it on a film festival in Belgrade...The film is beautifull,also it s hard in a moments,but it s neverendig job to be a mother,and this women Ljuba haven't got an ordinary life...but directors were able to presesnt it in realistic way,not cold or warm.. row.. yes,row is a real word...

  13. eftaylor's rating of the film The Mother

    Reminds me of the stories and pictures of the American Depression. People making do with little and doing it well. Love glows at the heart of things here although a cold and threatening darkness is always within range. The acts of men here continually disrupt while the women hold things together.

  14. ana's rating of the film The Mother

    "A literary masterpiece" indeed, though at certain points I kept wondering about the ethics of it, on the directors' part. But overall, genius editing! As I'm guessing from the film, the directors must have spent quite some years with the family and they managed to compile all the footage in a very smart way.

  15. Barabanchik's rating of the film The Mother

    This film completely dispelled my naive romantic view of life in the Russian provinces. It's seemingly a life of alcoholism,brutality,poverty yet conversely one of extreme warmth and love. The mother and her children had nothing materially yet an incredible amount in terms of their love for each other; there is a lesson in that for all of us in the richer parts of the world. A beautiful,beautiful film.

  16. KC's rating of the film The Mother

    a tragic yet beautiful life. amazing film.

  17. chicajomles's rating of the film The Mother

    A very touching documentary. Definitely recommended.

  18. danliofer's rating of the film The Mother

    Pretty tough life! Pretty good movie!

  19. deloused's rating of the film The Mother

    A very nice documentary. It's really interesting to see their lives. The mother is doing everything to provide the children so they are not hungry and cold. And while it's hard to maintain that, she's gives all her love and that's what's so nice to see here.

  20. jesuskinski's rating of the film The Mother

    a really nice Film. The screnschoot in the train are so poetic. But the history is the best: The love of a mother

  21. Alfonso Al's rating of the film The Mother

    Acabo de verla en la sección de libres y me ha parecido una maravilla. La recomiendo.

  22. Scarlet Magenta's rating of the film The Mother

    there is too much to say about this wonderful documentary. but my poor words wouldn match it. i saw it on TV and i am just so glad that its on Auterus in a free section. people must see it

  23. maarten's rating of the film The Mother

    My God, she complains a lot! Basically this is a movie about a woman complaining the whole time, while she's responsible for most of her own missery. I felt it hard to identify with her.

  24. dahveedgr's rating of the film The Mother

    My girlfriend is from Russia... and she pointed out how honestly life in Russian countryside is depicted. There are moments of utter disbelief when witnessing some of the harsh customs and reality, as well as moments of joy and tenderness. I learned a lot.

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