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  1. Photo of Luis Trenker

    Luis Trenker Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Richard Billinger

    Richard Billinger Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hanns Saßmann

    Hanns Saßmann Screenplay

  4. Photo of Carl Haensel

    Carl Haensel Screenplay

  5. Photo of Herbert Dirmoser

    Herbert Dirmoser Cast

  6. Photo of Heidemarie Hatheyer

    Heidemarie Hatheyer Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Elsholtz

    Peter Elsholtz Cast

  8. Photo of Lucie Höflich

    Lucie Höflich Cast

  9. Photo of Blandine Ebinger

    Blandine Ebinger Cast

  10. Photo of Umberto Sacripante

    Umberto Sacripante Cast

  11. Photo of Reginald Pasch

    Reginald Pasch Cast

  12. Photo of Robert Thiem

    Robert Thiem Cast

  13. Photo of Kunibert Gensichen

    Kunibert Gensichen Cast

  14. Photo of Luis Gerold

    Luis Gerold Cast

  15. Photo of Friedrich Ulmer

    Friedrich Ulmer Cast

  16. Photo of Bruno Hübner

    Bruno Hübner Cast

  17. Photo of Armin Schweizer

    Armin Schweizer Cast

  18. Photo of Lotte Spira

    Lotte Spira Cast

  19. Photo of Maria Koppenhöfer

    Maria Koppenhöfer Cast

  20. Photo of Ernst Legal

    Ernst Legal Cast

  21. Photo of Walter Franck

    Walter Franck Cast

  22. Photo of Erich Ziegel

    Erich Ziegel Cast

  23. Photo of Erich Dunskus

    Erich Dunskus Cast

  24. Photo of Max Holzboer

    Max Holzboer Cast

  25. Photo of Emmerich Albert

    Emmerich Albert Cast

  26. Photo of Paul Bildt

    Paul Bildt Cast

  27. Photo of Olga Schaub

    Olga Schaub Cast

  28. Photo of Herbert Gernot

    Herbert Gernot Cast

  29. Photo of Josef Kamper

    Josef Kamper Cast

  30. Photo of Sepp Allgeier

    Sepp Allgeier Cinematography

  31. Photo of Albert Benitz

    Albert Benitz Cinematography

  32. Photo of Otto Martini

    Otto Martini Cinematography

  33. Photo of Walter Riml

    Walter Riml Cinematography

  34. Photo of Klaus von Rautenfeld

    Klaus von Rautenfeld Cinematography

  35. Photo of Giuseppe Becce

    Giuseppe Becce Music

  36. Photo of Erich Grave

    Erich Grave Production Design

  37. Photo of Herbert Ploberger

    Herbert Ploberger Production Design

  38. Photo of Heinrich Schier

    Heinrich Schier Producer

  39. Photo of Waldemar Gaede

    Waldemar Gaede Editing

  40. Photo of Fritz Stapenhorst

    Fritz Stapenhorst Editing

  41. Photo of Erich Thurban

    Erich Thurban Sound

  42. Photo of Alfred Zunft

    Alfred Zunft Sound