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  1. Photo of Kyotaro Namiki

    Kyotaro Namiki Director

  2. Photo of Shôji Nakayama

    Shôji Nakayama Cast

  3. Photo of Junko Ebata

    Junko Ebata Cast

  4. Photo of Shigeru Amachi

    Shigeru Amachi Cast

  5. Photo of Toshio Hosokawa

    Toshio Hosokawa Cast

  6. Photo of Namiji Matsuura

    Namiji Matsuura Cast

  7. Photo of Katsuko Wakasugi

    Katsuko Wakasugi Cast

  8. Photo of Hiroshi Ayukawa

    Hiroshi Ayukawa Cast

  9. Photo of Masaru Kodaka

    Masaru Kodaka Cast

  10. Photo of Shuntaro Emi

    Shuntaro Emi Cast

  11. Photo of Yôji Misaki

    Yôji Misaki Cast

  12. Photo of Shunji Kubo

    Shunji Kubo Cast

  13. Photo of Hiroshi Asami

    Hiroshi Asami Cast

  14. Photo of Minoru Asuka

    Minoru Asuka Cast

  15. Photo of Tôru Chiba

    Tôru Chiba Cast

  16. Photo of Shôzaburô Date

    Shôzaburô Date Cast