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  1. Photo of Petra Lüschow

    Petra Lüschow Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bettina Oberli

    Bettina Oberli Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Andrea Maria Schenkel

    Andrea Maria Schenkel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Julia Jentsch

    Julia Jentsch Cast

  5. Photo of Monica Bleibtreu

    Monica Bleibtreu Cast

  6. Photo of Volker Bruch

    Volker Bruch Cast

  7. Photo of Andreas Buntscheck

    Andreas Buntscheck Cast

  8. Photo of Janina Stopper

    Janina Stopper Cast

  9. Photo of Filip Peeters

    Filip Peeters Cast

  10. Photo of Gundi Ellert

    Gundi Ellert Cast

  11. Photo of Nils Althaus

    Nils Althaus Cast

  12. Photo of Bernd Tauber

    Bernd Tauber Cast

  13. Photo of Vitus Zeplichal

    Vitus Zeplichal Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Harting

    Peter Harting Cast

  15. Photo of Brigitte Hobmeier

    Brigitte Hobmeier Cast

  16. Photo of Lisa Kreuzer

    Lisa Kreuzer Cast

  17. Photo of Lukas Turtur

    Lukas Turtur Cast

  18. Photo of Clara Conzen

    Clara Conzen Cast

  19. Photo of Stéphane Kuthy

    Stéphane Kuthy Cinematography

  20. Photo of Johan Söderqvist

    Johan Söderqvist Music

  21. Photo of Christiane Krumwiede

    Christiane Krumwiede Production Design

  22. Photo of Peter Menne

    Peter Menne Production Design

  23. Photo of Melanie Bukowski

    Melanie Bukowski Producer

  24. Photo of Hejo Emons

    Hejo Emons Producer

  25. Photo of Uwe Kolbe

    Uwe Kolbe Producer

  26. Photo of Kristina Löbbert

    Kristina Löbbert Producer

  27. Photo of Martin Moszkowicz

    Martin Moszkowicz Producer

  28. Photo of Christof Neracher

    Christof Neracher Producer

  29. Photo of Stefan Schubert

    Stefan Schubert Producer

  30. Photo of Ralph Schwingel

    Ralph Schwingel Producer

  31. Photo of Mike Schaerer

    Mike Schaerer Editing

  32. Photo of Antje Zynga

    Antje Zynga Editing

  33. Photo of Lucia Faust

    Lucia Faust Costume Design

  34. Photo of Ute Paffendorf

    Ute Paffendorf Costume Design