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  1. Photo of Albert Brooks

    Albert Brooks Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Barry M. Berg

    Barry M. Berg Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Herb Nanas

    Herb Nanas Producer

  4. Photo of Monica Mcgowan Johnson

    Monica Mcgowan Johnson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Thomas E. Ackerman

    Thomas E. Ackerman Cinematography

  6. Photo of Sharon Stone

    Sharon Stone Cast

  7. Photo of Jeff Bridges

    Jeff Bridges Cast

  8. Photo of Andie MacDowell

    Andie MacDowell Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Teschner

    Peter Teschner Editing

  10. Photo of Elton John

    Elton John Music

  11. Photo of Betsy Cox

    Betsy Cox Costume Design

  12. Photo of Cybill Shepherd

    Cybill Shepherd Cast

  13. Photo of Lorenzo Lamas

    Lorenzo Lamas Cast

  14. Photo of Jennifer Tilly

    Jennifer Tilly Cast

  15. Photo of Bradley Whitford

    Bradley Whitford Cast

  16. Photo of Rob Reiner

    Rob Reiner Cast

  17. Photo of Martin Scorsese

    Martin Scorsese Cast

  18. Photo of Wolfgang Puck

    Wolfgang Puck Cast

  19. Photo of James Cameron

    James Cameron Cast

  20. Photo of Mark Feuerstein

    Mark Feuerstein Cast

  21. Photo of Steven Wright

    Steven Wright Cast

  22. Photo of Dakin Matthews

    Dakin Matthews Cast

  23. Photo of Concetta Tomei

    Concetta Tomei Cast