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  1. Denelle Kjellman's rating of the film The Music Video

  2. Ryan Jamison's rating of the film The Music Video

    A cute little film that while perhaps forgettable and insignificant, does capture the essence of young innocence in a charming way, the child actors appearing to have much more involvement than line-reading which gives the atmosphere a nice home-movie sentiment. Having said that, it provides quite little in the vein of great cinematic sensation.

  3. M. Haberfelner's rating of the film The Music Video

    A slice-of-life cute little film. Obviously thought up and improvised by the two very young leads, it does show some filmmaking finesse though thanks to amateur auteur Douglas Reese, who has a talent to make very trivial things look interesting, as he proves once again in this movie. So do expect two young girls to just do what they do - but in a very cinematic way.