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  1. Photo of Dean Obeidallah

    Dean Obeidallah Director, Self Producer

  2. Photo of Lewis Black

    Lewis Black Self

  3. Photo of David Cross

    David Cross Self

  4. Photo of Keith Ellison

    Keith Ellison Self

  5. Photo of Negin Farsad

    Negin Farsad Self, Director Producer

  6. Photo of Janeane Garofalo

    Janeane Garofalo Self

  7. Photo of Aron Kader

    Aron Kader Self

  8. Photo of Rachel Maddow

    Rachel Maddow Self

  9. Photo of Aasif Mandvi

    Aasif Mandvi Self

  10. Photo of Preacher Moss

    Preacher Moss Self

  11. Photo of Soledad O'Brien

    Soledad O'Brien Self

  12. Photo of Kareem Omary

    Kareem Omary Self

  13. Photo of Colin Quinn

    Colin Quinn Self

  14. Photo of Russell Simmons

    Russell Simmons Self

  15. Photo of Jon Stewart

    Jon Stewart Self

  16. Photo of Cenk Uygur

    Cenk Uygur Self

  17. Photo of Ali Velshi

    Ali Velshi Self

  18. Photo of Lizz Winstead

    Lizz Winstead Self

  19. Photo of Maysoon Zayid

    Maysoon Zayid Self

  20. Photo of Blair Johnson

    Blair Johnson Cinematography

  21. Photo of Leonardo de la Cruz

    Leonardo de la Cruz Producer

  22. Photo of Brian Gilman

    Brian Gilman Producer

  23. Photo of Jennifer Mizban

    Jennifer Mizban Producer

  24. Photo of Eric Seims

    Eric Seims Producer

  25. Photo of Jaan Tallinn

    Jaan Tallinn Producer

  26. Photo of Sawsan Asfari

    Sawsan Asfari Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Khaled Dalek

    Khaled Dalek Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Gregory Rae

    Gregory Rae Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Maya Sanbar

    Maya Sanbar Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Andrew Mendelson

    Andrew Mendelson Editing

  31. Photo of Arya Sundar

    Arya Sundar Sound