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  1. Photo of Roman Kachanov

    Roman Kachanov Director

  2. Photo of Kir Bulychyov

    Kir Bulychyov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Olga Gromova

    Olga Gromova Cast

  4. Photo of Vsevolod Larionov

    Vsevolod Larionov Cast

  5. Photo of Yuri Volyntsev

    Yuri Volyntsev Cast

  6. Photo of Vasiliy Livanov

    Vasiliy Livanov Cast

  7. Photo of Grigoriy Shpigel

    Grigoriy Shpigel Cast

  8. Photo of Teodor Bunimovich

    Teodor Bunimovich Cinematography

  9. Photo of Svetlana Kashcheeva

    Svetlana Kashcheeva Cinematography

  10. Photo of Aleksandr Zatsepin

    Aleksandr Zatsepin Music

  11. Photo of Nadezhda Treshchyova

    Nadezhda Treshchyova Editing

  12. Photo of Olga Vasilenko

    Olga Vasilenko Editing

  13. Photo of Boris Filchikov

    Boris Filchikov Sound

  14. Photo of Antonina Alyoshina

    Antonina Alyoshina Animation

  15. Photo of Vladimir Arbekov

    Vladimir Arbekov Animation

  16. Photo of Yuriy Batanin

    Yuriy Batanin Animation

  17. Photo of Violetta Kolesnikova

    Violetta Kolesnikova Animation

  18. Photo of Iosif Kuroyan

    Iosif Kuroyan Animation

  19. Photo of Renata Mirenkova

    Renata Mirenkova Animation

  20. Photo of Olga Orlova

    Olga Orlova Animation

  21. Photo of Aleksandr Panov

    Aleksandr Panov Animation

  22. Photo of Marina Rogova

    Marina Rogova Animation

  23. Photo of Vladimir Shevchenko

    Vladimir Shevchenko Animation

  24. Photo of Marina Voskanyants

    Marina Voskanyants Animation

  25. Photo of Vladimir Zarubin

    Vladimir Zarubin Animation