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  1. Photo of Konrad Wolf

    Konrad Wolf Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Wolfgang Kohlhaase

    Wolfgang Kohlhaase Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kurt Böwe

    Kurt Böwe Cast

  4. Photo of Ursula Karusseit

    Ursula Karusseit Cast

  5. Photo of Martin Trettau

    Martin Trettau Cast

  6. Photo of Elsa Grube-Deister

    Elsa Grube-Deister Cast

  7. Photo of Marga Legal

    Marga Legal Cast

  8. Photo of Ute Lubosch

    Ute Lubosch Cast

  9. Photo of Vera Oelschlegel

    Vera Oelschlegel Cast

  10. Photo of Katharina Thalbach

    Katharina Thalbach Cast

  11. Photo of Ursula Werner

    Ursula Werner Cast

  12. Photo of Erika Pelikowsky

    Erika Pelikowsky Cast

  13. Photo of Werner Bergmann

    Werner Bergmann Cinematography

  14. Photo of Evelyn Carow

    Evelyn Carow Editing

  15. Photo of Alfred Hirschmeier

    Alfred Hirschmeier Production Design

  16. Photo of Karl-Ernst Sasse

    Karl-Ernst Sasse Music