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  1. lucia lurzo's rating of the film The Naked Spur

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    Probablement, un des westerns les plus réussis du cinéaste. Oeuvre parfaite dont la tension dramatique ne faiblit jamais et dont les acteurs sont époustouflants de maîtrise...

  3. Aardsy's rating of the film The Naked Spur

  4. SpacePirate's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    What can I say? I adore Stewart and Ryan, so naturally the two together is right up my alley. This is a phenomenal western, unconcerned with trying to break any molds, and yet in doing so, it kind of does anyways. Only 5 actors, but what a film. 5 easy stars

  5. mubianer's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    It was better on first viewing. But still excellent. I guess once you know how the story unfolds, it loses some of it's power. Watching a 35mm print is like looking at a postcard (in a good way).

  6. Bilouaustria's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    Boy this one is merciless ! All of them, deep inside, are greedy and not to trust. Hard to tell who the real bad guy is. Even in the most beautiful nature, somewhere in the wild, Mann gives you the feeling that this is all between four walls (the way he shapes the space), and that nobody can escape its destiny. Ryan plays an evil Peckinpah character before Peckinpah. Jimmy Stewart the moral but dark sided figure.

  7. JonMB's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    A colorful cast of characters, no doubt. The locations were nice. Despite that, this movie just did not draw me in. James Stewart never was an actor that was convincing to me in a tough guy role. That and the somewhat predictable nature of the film made this an average viewing experience.

  8. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    A clever story where villains of all kind interact: a renegade soldier, a false sheriff, a funny rogue, a rebel who likes bad boys, an old crook. The doomed & candid Indians are the nicest. La rencontre de mal intentionnés de toutes sortes: un soldat renégat, un faux shérif, un voyou plein d'humour, une rebelle qui aime les bad boys, un vieux crocodile. Les candides indiens au sort funeste sont les plus sympathiques

  9. Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Naked Spur

    As often in Mann's westerns, rivers play an important role in the story. It seems best not to try to cross them. Masterpiece.

  10. Des Horne's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    Far, far harsher than any of Peckinpah's (parody) westerns. A constantly startling and highly critical film about white American brutality and the mythology around it.

  11. Steve G.'s rating of the film The Naked Spur

    The Naked Spur is saddled with an ending so disappointing that even by 1953 Hollywood standards it's obnoxiously feel-good. The opportunity to end things in a more interesting manner may be passed up, but this is still an enjoyable enough western adventure that has a pleasingly unpredictable group dynamic. James Stewart and Robert Ryan's sparring is especially wonderful.

  12. Daniel Metcalf's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    Another great film from Mann.

  13. LuísMarques's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    "choosing the way to die, what's the difference? choosing the way to live, that's the hard part."

  14. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    Same plot with Ride Lonesome. stupid one wins. A crying cowboy, shameful. Mann's westerns better than Ford's but this one makes you that feels like watching 3 Godfathers.

  15. wolfmansRazor's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    A thriller that sustains its tension as much through the gradual revelation of the grayness of its characters' morality as through its more traditional plot mechanics and action sequences. Mann is known for his Western landscape vistas, but, significantly, the characters are nearly always in the foreground. This is not Man vs. Nature; it's Man vs. Man, in isolation, cut off from the right and wrong of law and society

  16. SaintAmour Brennan's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    A Brilliant psychologically violent, and endearing turn by Mann, Stewart and Company.

  17. Máté Csóka's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    It could be better only if the girl were going to push the hero into the water, cause he wouldn't give up on his plan. And then the girl alone would ride away to the sunset. But it's still pretty good.

  18. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    This is one western that displaces the action from the outside to the mind. The minute-by-minute update in character equations is something very few films can handle. At any one moment, you can't be too sure who's trying to run the game, and who's trying to double-cross whom.

  19. Matt Kovar's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    Great example of a film where the stakes/risks are high from its first minute to its last. I loved how, until the climax, as the film moved along I became unsure who I was routing for, and even at times was taken aback by all of them (well, except for the girl - her character's intentions was pretty solid and clear throughout). It was also cool how Mann used the sounds of the rapids to intensify the tension.

  20. Checkpoint Charlie's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    The very end took me by surprise. Not something you tend to expect, let alone see, in the Western. Jimmy Stewart's performance was pleasingly different from the start, though you have to really be paying attention to get what his character is being taken through in the story. Maybe not as deeply passioned as John Wayne in "The Searchers", but an internal voyage to his real self beneath his circumstances nonetheless.

  21. Franklinton Underground Cinema's rating of the film The Naked Spur

  22. Dave's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    Probably the most "psychological" as the the psychological westerns of Mann and Stewart get. Very good, though not their best.

  23. Joel Cobbs's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    While this is no where near James Stewart's best film, it is a decent western film. My recommendation is to borrow or rent it. I watch it when it comes on Turner Classic Movies (c) but it's not something I plan on adding to my collection.

  24. IA's rating of the film The Naked Spur

    Perhaps Stewart's finest Western--along with The Searchers, this is a deconstruction of Western masculinity, with Stewart's neuroses winding ever tighter until his mental collapse.

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