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  1. Photo of Tomu Uchida

    Tomu Uchida Director

  2. Photo of Yutaka Mafune

    Yutaka Mafune Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yasutaro Yagi

    Yasutaro Yagi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ryo Akaboshi

    Ryo Akaboshi Cast

  5. Photo of Mitsuru Date

    Mitsuru Date Cast

  6. Photo of Hisao Furutani

    Hisao Furutani Cast

  7. Photo of Haehiko Fuyuki

    Haehiko Fuyuki Cast

  8. Photo of Hajime Hikari

    Hajime Hikari Cast

  9. Photo of John Inoue

    John Inoue Cast

  10. Photo of Satoshi Kawaguchi

    Satoshi Kawaguchi Cast

  11. Photo of Ryoichi Kikuchi

    Ryoichi Kikuchi Cast

  12. Photo of Mari Ko

    Mari Ko Cast

  13. Photo of Isamu Kosugi

    Isamu Kosugi Cast

  14. Photo of Bontarô Miake

    Bontarô Miake Cast

  15. Photo of Chieko Murata

    Chieko Murata Cast

  16. Photo of Haruhiko Nishi

    Haruhiko Nishi Cast

  17. Photo of Kiyoko Ohara

    Kiyoko Ohara Cast

  18. Photo of Kenji Osaki

    Kenji Osaki Cast

  19. Photo of Kosuke Seki

    Kosuke Seki Cast

  20. Photo of Koji Shima

    Koji Shima Cast

  21. Photo of Tsuneko Sudo

    Tsuneko Sudo Cast

  22. Photo of Sanemon Suzuki

    Sanemon Suzuki Cast

  23. Photo of Haruko Toda

    Haruko Toda Cast

  24. Photo of Mantarô Ushio

    Mantarô Ushio Cast

  25. Photo of Kaichi Yamamoto

    Kaichi Yamamoto Cast

  26. Photo of Kô Yoshii

    Kô Yoshii Cast

  27. Photo of Shôzô Ônishi

    Shôzô Ônishi Cast

  28. Photo of Tatsuyuki Yokota

    Tatsuyuki Yokota Cinematography

  29. Photo of Kyôsuke Kami

    Kyôsuke Kami Music

  30. Photo of Tatsuo Hirabayashi

    Tatsuo Hirabayashi Sound