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  1. Photo of Luis García Berlanga

    Luis García Berlanga Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rafael Azcona

    Rafael Azcona Screenplay

  3. Photo of José Manuel M. Herrero

    José Manuel M. Herrero Producer

  4. Photo of Alfredo Matas

    Alfredo Matas Producer

  5. Photo of Carlos Suárez

    Carlos Suárez Cinematography

  6. Photo of José Luis Matesanz

    José Luis Matesanz Editing

  7. Photo of Félix Murcia

    Félix Murcia Production Design

  8. Photo of Rafael Alonso

    Rafael Alonso Cast

  9. Photo of Luis Escobar

    Luis Escobar Cast

  10. Photo of Antonio Ferrandis

    Antonio Ferrandis Cast

  11. Photo of Agustín González

    Agustín González Cast

  12. Photo of José Luis López Vázquez

    José Luis López Vázquez Cast

  13. Photo of Andrés Mejuto

    Andrés Mejuto Cast

  14. Photo of Conchita Montes

    Conchita Montes Cast

  15. Photo of Mónica Randall

    Mónica Randall Cast

  16. Photo of José Sazatornil

    José Sazatornil Cast

  17. Photo of Laly Soldevila

    Laly Soldevila Cast

  18. Photo of Amparo Soler Leal

    Amparo Soler Leal Cast

  19. Photo of Rosanna Yanni

    Rosanna Yanni Cast

  20. Photo of Bárbara Rey

    Bárbara Rey Cast