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  1. Photo of Fabio Carpi

    Fabio Carpi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Guillaume Chpaltine

    Guillaume Chpaltine Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marie-Christine Barrault

    Marie-Christine Barrault Cast

  4. Photo of Ben Kingsley

    Ben Kingsley Cast

  5. Photo of Ann-Gisel Glass

    Ann-Gisel Glass Cast

  6. Photo of Malcolm Conrath

    Malcolm Conrath Cast

  7. Photo of Silvia Mocci

    Silvia Mocci Cast

  8. Photo of Geoffrey Bayldon

    Geoffrey Bayldon Cast

  9. Photo of Iris Marga

    Iris Marga Cast

  10. Photo of Maria Laborit

    Maria Laborit Cast

  11. Photo of Marie-Laurence

    Marie-Laurence Cast

  12. Photo of Lidija Kozlovic

    Lidija Kozlovic Cast

  13. Photo of Fabio Cianchetti

    Fabio Cianchetti Cinematography

  14. Photo of Alfredo Muschietti

    Alfredo Muschietti Editing

  15. Photo of Amedeo Fago

    Amedeo Fago Production Design

  16. Photo of André Djaoui

    André Djaoui Producer

  17. Photo of Mario Orfini

    Mario Orfini Producer

  18. Photo of Giovanna Romagnoli

    Giovanna Romagnoli Producer

  19. Photo of Gian Maria Avetta

    Gian Maria Avetta Executive Producer