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  1. Photo of Claude Chabrol

    Claude Chabrol Director

  2. Photo of Gérard Jourd'hui

    Gérard Jourd'hui Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Jacques Santamaria

    Jacques Santamaria Screenplay

  4. Photo of Guy de Maupassant

    Guy de Maupassant Screenplay

  5. Photo of Cécile De France

    Cécile De France Cast

  6. Photo of Thomas Chabrol

    Thomas Chabrol Cast

  7. Photo of Charley Fouquet

    Charley Fouquet Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Boudet

    Jacques Boudet Cast

  9. Photo of Christian Hecq

    Christian Hecq Cast

  10. Photo of Charline Paul

    Charline Paul Cast

  11. Photo of Valérie Kéruzoré

    Valérie Kéruzoré Cast

  12. Photo of Rémy Roubakha

    Rémy Roubakha Cast

  13. Photo of Bruno Lochet

    Bruno Lochet Cast

  14. Photo of Francois Lalande

    Francois Lalande Cast

  15. Photo of Roberto Venturi

    Roberto Venturi Cinematography

  16. Photo of Suzanne Pillevesse

    Suzanne Pillevesse Music

  17. Photo of Frédéric Duru

    Frédéric Duru Production Design

  18. Photo of Gaëlle Girre

    Gaëlle Girre Producer

  19. Photo of Anna Ruiz

    Anna Ruiz Editing

  20. Photo of Frédéric Ullmann

    Frédéric Ullmann Sound