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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    Des effets de style mais aucune émotion dans ce film au ton trop artificiel...

  2. Eric Rucker's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    Beautifully assimilated influences from a wide range of American painters. If there were a way to turn the dialogue off and just have the music and the poetic ambient sounds it might be a much richer experience. The odd, deadpan acting would then fit with being static figures in a painting. I wonder if it was an influence on 'Shirley, Visions of Reality'. I enjoyed the stageyness and almost 80s postmodern aesthetic.

  3. ShawnD's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    I count myself as a Davies fan but this is really not very good. I'm not familiar with the source material but even the author didn't think much of it. The movie feels like a minor work of Tennessee Williams and it's not helped by the prevalence of Southern cliches in character and setting. To be blunt it was a chore to get through this at just over 90 minutes.

  4. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    I don't want to be too hard on a film that the director himself admits "doesn't work," but...this film is awful! The story (if it has one) never fully shapes, and the characters never evolve beyond Southern drama stereotypes. The scene transitions are awkward and confusing, the shot compositions are often bizarre, and the emphasis on Americana and Christian imagery amounts to nothing. It's just a rambling mess.

  5. David R Williams's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    "Though not one of Davies' strongest films, this coming of age tale, set in the American South, has nice, lyrical moments, and is well acted by Gena Rowlands." - Emanuel Levy

  6. caitlin.f's rating of the film The Neon Bible

  7. Dogville59's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    A slow pace but well worth it. The cinematogrpahy, music and concept all work to create a feeling of nostalgia as Davies explores memories. You get a real feel for small southern town life and how it can be stifling. Please stick through the movie it is worth it even just for the music and cinematography.

  8. Nick Potter's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    Early last year, I was entirely unaware of Terence Davies. I went to a theater playing Sunset Song without any knowledge of it. This is now my fourth Davies film and I might be in love.

  9. El Biffo's rating of the film The Neon Bible

  10. Marcus Jones's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    This is a gorgeous looking film with a great performance from Gena Rowlands. I had no idea this movie existed, but was happy to discover it. We actually did a podcast on it for my website and had a really fun discussion about it. Thanks Mubi!

  11. Ghostman's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    an immensely underrated film by the great terence davies, it is dreamlike and heartbreaking

  12. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    I hadn't see a Davies movie before, so my review can't compare this to his general oeuvre. With that said, I found the general mise en scene eye-popping, especially the way that he tracks time changes using a moving camera and the exquisite framing of each scene. The music was clever (I loved the Gone With the Wind reference). The story itself was too slight but I still enjoyed the ride due to the visual artistry.

  13. clairekristof's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    I highly recommend reading the book! John Kennedy Toole illustrates the story so amazingly that I couldn't enjoy this film adaptation since it took so much/everything away from Tool's Neon Bible (which he wrote whilst still in high school, incredible)

  14. Mitchell Glidden's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    Some unfortunate sentimentality and cheesy dialogue/performances keep this from being a great Davies, but it had me weeping at the end so there's probably something there... Like that this (and a lot Davies' work tbh) is a movie about the magic of movies that never preaches that notion literally. Movies are memory!

  15. Myles's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    "Get the hell outta here!" the movie shouts to itself. It's shot like a sequence of Edward Hopper paintings, but dear Lord...the acting in this movie...

  16. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    (1.5 stars) Some truly bad acting from everyone save Gena Rowlands, Leo Burmester and Frances Conroy. Why was Denis Leary IN this film? There was a directorial attempt to think out of the box a bit, but was held back by the low quality of performances and poor production design. Oh wells...

  17. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    Davies muda su universo melancólico a la zona rural de los EEUU de los 40's, espacio y temporalidad que manifiesta sus propias restricciones, prejuicios y traumas. Nuevamente el eterno protagonista, el infante cobijado por el cuidado materno o femenino, uno que lo ha sensibilizado. Es también un testimonio sobre la religiosidad, esa fantasía que forma parte de la tradicionalidad propia de los contextos conservadores.

  18. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    Using the same highly impressionistic approach of his first two films, Davies creates a rich and often disturbing evocation of a specific time and place, exaggerated as a subjective recollection of his central character. The narrative, fractured into a series of significant events, is carried along by the power of the images (in contrast with the text), and Davies' always remarkable use of sound(s) and music.

  19. Victor Bruno's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    A correct picture, wonderfully photographed and mastered conducted. Davies may not created the best of the films, but still, The Neon Bible is a wonderful artistic effort. However, it's a pity that Jacob Tierney is unable to change his expression.

  20. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film The Neon Bible

    Not the perfection of his previous two efforts but Davies still works wonders out of his element and with what appears to have been a much smaller budget. There are moments of brilliance here, an art film in award-baiting clothes. A lot to love.

  21. christopher david's rating of the film The Neon Bible