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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film The Net

    A lurid would-be exposé that never truly upholds its tantalizing suggestions.

  2. Robert W Peabody III's rating of the film The Net

    "...the technological system need merely adapt human behavior to its own demands." Das Netz will give one a specific experience of abnormal meaningfulness.

  3. Justin Vicari's rating of the film The Net

    Dammbeck's a German Marker who's tried drugs. Well, for all I know, he hasn't but he seems to believe 60s cant about LSD without questioning the dangerous cults of personality that arose around it. And for all his contact with Kaczynski he can't quite put his finger on the guy. This could have been much more unsettling but too many interviewees stonewall; as Herzog and Morris show, you need crazies for a great doc

  4. drmishello's rating of the film The Net

    Bleh. Only a couple of good moments.