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  1. Photo of George T. Miller

    George T. Miller Director

  2. Photo of Karin Howard

    Karin Howard Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Ende

    Michael Ende Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dieter Geissler

    Dieter Geissler Producer

  5. Photo of Bodo Scriba

    Bodo Scriba Producer

  6. Photo of Tim Hampton

    Tim Hampton Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Robert Folk

    Robert Folk Music

  8. Photo of David Connell

    David Connell Cinematography

  9. Photo of Chris Blunden

    Chris Blunden Editing

  10. Photo of Peter Hollywood

    Peter Hollywood Editing

  11. Photo of Robert W. Laing

    Robert W. Laing Production Design

  12. Photo of Götz Weidner

    Götz Weidner Production Design

  13. Photo of Jonathan Brandis

    Jonathan Brandis Cast

  14. Photo of Kenny Morrison

    Kenny Morrison Cast

  15. Photo of Clarissa Burt

    Clarissa Burt Cast

  16. Photo of John Wesley Shipp

    John Wesley Shipp Cast

  17. Photo of Martin Umbach

    Martin Umbach Cast

  18. Photo of Alexandra Johnes

    Alexandra Johnes Cast

  19. Photo of Thomas Hill

    Thomas Hill Cast

  20. Photo of Helena Michell

    Helena Michell Cast

  21. Photo of Christopher Burton

    Christopher Burton Cast

  22. Photo of Patricia Fugger

    Patricia Fugger Cast

  23. Photo of Birge Schade

    Birge Schade Cast

  24. Photo of Claudio Maniscalco

    Claudio Maniscalco Cast

  25. Photo of Andreas Borcherding

    Andreas Borcherding Cast

  26. Photo of Ralf Weikinger

    Ralf Weikinger Cast

  27. Photo of Colin Gilder

    Colin Gilder Cast

  28. Photo of Rob Morton

    Rob Morton Cast

  29. Photo of Frank Lenart

    Frank Lenart Cast