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  1. Photo of Catherine Corsini

    Catherine Corsini Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Marc Syrigas

    Marc Syrigas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Emmanuel Bourdieu

    Emmanuel Bourdieu Screenplay

  4. Photo of Denyse Rodriguez-Tomé

    Denyse Rodriguez-Tomé Screenplay

  5. Photo of Karin Viard

    Karin Viard Cast

  6. Photo of Pierre-Loup Rajot

    Pierre-Loup Rajot Cast

  7. Photo of Catherine Frot

    Catherine Frot Cast

  8. Photo of Sergi López

    Sergi López Cast

  9. Photo of Mireille Roussel

    Mireille Roussel Cast

  10. Photo of Nozha Khouadra

    Nozha Khouadra Cast

  11. Photo of Laurent Lucas

    Laurent Lucas Cast

  12. Photo of Valentine Vidal

    Valentine Vidal Cast

  13. Photo of François Caron

    François Caron Cast

  14. Photo of Frédéric Gélard

    Frédéric Gélard Cast

  15. Photo of Jean-François Gallotte

    Jean-François Gallotte Cast

  16. Photo of Gisèle Joly

    Gisèle Joly Cast

  17. Photo of Nora Armani

    Nora Armani Cast

  18. Photo of Agnès Godard

    Agnès Godard Cinematography

  19. Photo of William O'Callaghan

    William O'Callaghan Cinematography

  20. Photo of Thérèse Somano

    Thérèse Somano Cinematography

  21. Photo of Solange Zeitoun

    Solange Zeitoun Production Design

  22. Photo of Paulo Branco

    Paulo Branco Producer

  23. Photo of Sabine Mamou

    Sabine Mamou Editing

  24. Photo of Waldir Xavier

    Waldir Xavier Sound

  25. Photo of Régis Muller

    Régis Muller Sound