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  1. Photo of Thomas Vincent

    Thomas Vincent Director

  2. Photo of Yaël Cojot-Goldberg

    Yaël Cojot-Goldberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Thomas Vincent

    Thomas Vincent Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean-Paul Dubois

    Jean-Paul Dubois Novel

  5. Photo of Thierry Lhermitte

    Thierry Lhermitte Cast

  6. Photo of Géraldine Pailhas

    Géraldine Pailhas Cast

  7. Photo of Pierre Curzi

    Pierre Curzi Cast

  8. Photo of Guillaume Cyr

    Guillaume Cyr Cast

  9. Photo of Hugo Dubé

    Hugo Dubé Cast

  10. Photo of Gabriel Sabourin

    Gabriel Sabourin Cast

  11. Photo of Aliocha Schneider

    Aliocha Schneider Cast

  12. Photo of Vassili Schneider

    Vassili Schneider Cast

  13. Photo of Alexa-Jeanne Dubé

    Alexa-Jeanne Dubé Cast

  14. Photo of Daniel Parent

    Daniel Parent Cast

  15. Photo of Pierre Forette

    Pierre Forette Producer

  16. Photo of Thierry Wong

    Thierry Wong Producer

  17. Photo of Philippe Deshaies

    Philippe Deshaies Music

  18. Photo of Lionel Flairs

    Lionel Flairs Music

  19. Photo of Benoit Rault

    Benoit Rault Music

  20. Photo of Ronald Plante

    Ronald Plante Cinematography

  21. Photo of Mike Fromentin

    Mike Fromentin Editing

  22. Photo of Ginette Magny

    Ginette Magny Costume Design