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  1. Photo of Klaus Härö

    Klaus Härö Director

  2. Photo of Jimmy Karlsson

    Jimmy Karlsson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kjell Sundstedt

    Kjell Sundstedt Screenplay

  4. Photo of Julia Högberg

    Julia Högberg Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Lundqvist

    Maria Lundqvist Cast

  6. Photo of Lo Kauppi

    Lo Kauppi Cast

  7. Photo of Ellen Mattsson

    Ellen Mattsson Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Littorin

    Anna Littorin Cast

  9. Photo of Ann-Sofie Nurmi

    Ann-Sofie Nurmi Cast

  10. Photo of Nadja Mirmiran

    Nadja Mirmiran Cast

  11. Photo of Christoffer Svensson

    Christoffer Svensson Cast

  12. Photo of Tobias Aspelin

    Tobias Aspelin Cast

  13. Photo of Linda Kulle

    Linda Kulle Cast

  14. Photo of Monica Edwardson

    Monica Edwardson Cast

  15. Photo of Happy Jankell

    Happy Jankell Cast

  16. Photo of Jarkko T. Laine

    Jarkko T. Laine Cinematography

  17. Photo of Michael Galasso

    Michael Galasso Music

  18. Photo of Cian Bornebusch

    Cian Bornebusch Production Design

  19. Photo of Charlotta Denward

    Charlotta Denward Producer

  20. Photo of Claes Olsson

    Claes Olsson Producer and Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Lars Blomgren

    Lars Blomgren Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Gunnar Carlsson

    Gunnar Carlsson Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Peter Possne

    Peter Possne Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Tomas Täng

    Tomas Täng Editing

  25. Photo of Kirka Sainio

    Kirka Sainio Sound