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  1. Photo of Wilfred Jackson

    Wilfred Jackson Director

  2. Photo of Ben Sharpsteen

    Ben Sharpsteen Director

  3. Photo of Joe Grant

    Joe Grant Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dick Huemer

    Dick Huemer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Cliff Edwards

    Cliff Edwards Cast

  6. Photo of Clarence Nash

    Clarence Nash Cast

  7. Photo of Fred Shields

    Fred Shields Cast

  8. Photo of The Sportsmen Quartet

    The Sportsmen Quartet Cast

  9. Photo of Oliver Wallace

    Oliver Wallace Music

  10. Photo of Walt Disney

    Walt Disney Producer

  11. Photo of Edwin Aardal

    Edwin Aardal Animation

  12. Photo of Andy Engman

    Andy Engman Animation

  13. Photo of Dan MacManus

    Dan MacManus Animation

  14. Photo of Joshua Meador

    Joshua Meador Animation

  15. Photo of Kendall O'Connor

    Kendall O'Connor Animation

  16. Photo of Don Patterson

    Don Patterson Animation