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  1. Photo of Emilio Miraglia

    Emilio Miraglia Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fabio Pittorru

    Fabio Pittorru Screenplay

  3. Photo of Massimo Felisatti

    Massimo Felisatti Screenplay

  4. Photo of Anthony Steffen

    Anthony Steffen Cast

  5. Photo of Marina Malfatti

    Marina Malfatti Cast

  6. Photo of Erika Blanc

    Erika Blanc Cast

  7. Photo of Giacomo Rossi Stuart

    Giacomo Rossi Stuart Cast

  8. Photo of Enzo Tarascio

    Enzo Tarascio Cast

  9. Photo of Umberto Raho

    Umberto Raho Cast

  10. Photo of Roberto Maldera

    Roberto Maldera Cast

  11. Photo of Joan C. Davis

    Joan C. Davis Cast

  12. Photo of Ettore Bevilacqua

    Ettore Bevilacqua Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Teresa Tofano

    Maria Teresa Tofano Cast

  14. Photo of Gastone di Giovanni

    Gastone di Giovanni Cinematography

  15. Photo of Bruno Nicolai

    Bruno Nicolai Music

  16. Photo of Antonio Sarno

    Antonio Sarno Producer

  17. Photo of Romeo Ciatti

    Romeo Ciatti Editing

  18. Photo of Lorenzo Baraldi

    Lorenzo Baraldi Costume Design and Production Design