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  1. Photo of Akiz

    Akiz Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Carolyn Genzkow

    Carolyn Genzkow Cast

  3. Photo of Sina Tkotsch

    Sina Tkotsch Cast

  4. Photo of Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht

    Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht Cast

  5. Photo of Arnd Klawitter

    Arnd Klawitter Cast

  6. Photo of Julika Jenkins

    Julika Jenkins Cast

  7. Photo of Kim Gordon

    Kim Gordon Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Epp

    Michael Epp Cast

  9. Photo of Uwe Preuss

    Uwe Preuss Cast

  10. Photo of Til Schindler

    Til Schindler Cast

  11. Photo of Alexander Scheer

    Alexander Scheer Cast

  12. Photo of Aram Arami

    Aram Arami Cast

  13. Photo of Arnel Taçi

    Arnel Taçi Cast

  14. Photo of Lucia Luciano

    Lucia Luciano Cast

  15. Photo of Lynn Femme

    Lynn Femme Cast

  16. Photo of Moritz Leu

    Moritz Leu Cast

  17. Photo of Joe Rilla

    Joe Rilla Cast

  18. Photo of Clemens Baumeister

    Clemens Baumeister Cinematography

  19. Photo of Christoph Blaser

    Christoph Blaser Music

  20. Photo of Steffen Kahles

    Steffen Kahles Music

  21. Photo of Amir Hamz

    Amir Hamz Producer

  22. Photo of Simon Rühlemann

    Simon Rühlemann Producer

  23. Photo of Christian Springer

    Christian Springer Producer

  24. Photo of Daniel Baur

    Daniel Baur Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Oliver Simon

    Oliver Simon Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Manfred Mvié Bauche

    Manfred Mvié Bauche Sound

  27. Photo of Leo Brunnsteiner

    Leo Brunnsteiner Sound

  28. Photo of Joo Fürst

    Joo Fürst Sound

  29. Photo of Benjamin E.G. Gruber

    Benjamin E.G. Gruber Sound

  30. Photo of Florian Holzner

    Florian Holzner Sound

  31. Photo of Manuel Vogt

    Manuel Vogt Sound

  32. Photo of Holger Wisniewski

    Holger Wisniewski Sound

  33. Photo of Laura Büchel

    Laura Büchel Costume Design