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  1. Photo of Florián Rey

    Florián Rey Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Joaquín Dicenta

    Joaquín Dicenta Screenplay

  3. Photo of Heinrich Gärtner

    Heinrich Gärtner Cinematography

  4. Photo of Imperio Argentina

    Imperio Argentina Cast

  5. Photo of Miguel Ligero

    Miguel Ligero Cast

  6. Photo of Juan de Orduña

    Juan de Orduña Cast

  7. Photo of José Calle

    José Calle Cast

  8. Photo of Manuel Luna

    Manuel Luna Cast

  9. Photo of Carmen de Lucio

    Carmen de Lucio Cast

  10. Photo of Eduardo García Maroto

    Eduardo García Maroto Editing

  11. Photo of Rafael Martínez

    Rafael Martínez Music

  12. Photo of José L. de Rivera

    José L. de Rivera Music

  13. Photo of León Lucas de la Peña

    León Lucas de la Peña Sound

  14. Photo of Miguel Pereyra

    Miguel Pereyra Sound

  15. Photo of Pilar Muñoz

    Pilar Muñoz Cast

  16. Photo of Juan Espantaleón

    Juan Espantaleón Cast

  17. Photo of Blanca Pozas

    Blanca Pozas Cast

  18. Photo of Rafaela Aparicio

    Rafaela Aparicio Cast