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  1. Photo of Per Lindberg

    Per Lindberg Director

  2. Photo of Karin Swanström

    Karin Swanström Producer

  3. Photo of Stellan Claësson

    Stellan Claësson Producer

  4. Photo of Hjalmar Bergman

    Hjalmar Bergman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Elin Wägner

    Elin Wägner Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ragnar Westfelt

    Ragnar Westfelt Cinematography

  7. Photo of Tora Teje

    Tora Teje Cast

  8. Photo of Inga Tidblad

    Inga Tidblad Cast

  9. Photo of Renée Björling

    Renée Björling Cast

  10. Photo of Linnéa Hillberg

    Linnéa Hillberg Cast

  11. Photo of Egil Eide

    Egil Eide Cast

  12. Photo of Tollie Zellman

    Tollie Zellman Cast

  13. Photo of Olav Riégo

    Olav Riégo Cast

  14. Photo of Nils Asther

    Nils Asther Cast