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  1. Photo of Paul Cox

    Paul Cox Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of E.L. Grant Watson

    E.L. Grant Watson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Paul Ammitzboll

    Paul Ammitzboll Producer

  4. Photo of William T. Marshall

    William T. Marshall Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Nino Gaetano Martinetti

    Nino Gaetano Martinetti Cinematography

  6. Photo of Neil Angwin

    Neil Angwin Production Design

  7. Photo of Gosia Dobrowolska

    Gosia Dobrowolska Cast

  8. Photo of Chris Haywood

    Chris Haywood Cast

  9. Photo of Victoria Eagger

    Victoria Eagger Cast

  10. Photo of Charlotte Haywood

    Charlotte Haywood Cast

  11. Photo of Tommy Lewis

    Tommy Lewis Cast and Music

  12. Photo of Norman Kaye

    Norman Kaye Cast and Music

  13. Photo of John Flaus

    John Flaus Cast

  14. Photo of Tony Llewellyn-Jones

    Tony Llewellyn-Jones Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Menzies

    Robert Menzies Cast

  16. Photo of Eva Sitta

    Eva Sitta Cast

  17. Photo of Scott Stephenson

    Scott Stephenson Cast