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  1. Photo of Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor Director

  2. Photo of Logan McPherson

    Logan McPherson Director and Editing

  3. Photo of Charles Adler

    Charles Adler Director

  4. Photo of Terry Klassen

    Terry Klassen Director

  5. Photo of Evan Spiliotopoulos

    Evan Spiliotopoulos Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jerry Lewis

    Jerry Lewis Cast and Producer

  7. Photo of Drake Bell

    Drake Bell Cast

  8. Photo of Andrew Francis

    Andrew Francis Cast

  9. Photo of Gil Rimmer

    Gil Rimmer Production Design

  10. Photo of Gregory R. Little

    Gregory R. Little Producer

  11. Photo of Rick Mischel

    Rick Mischel Producer

  12. Photo of George Paige

    George Paige Producer

  13. Photo of Bob Weinstein

    Bob Weinstein Producer

  14. Photo of Harvey Weinstein

    Harvey Weinstein Producer

  15. Photo of Barbara Zelinski

    Barbara Zelinski Producer

  16. Photo of Paul Gertz

    Paul Gertz Executive Producer

  17. Photo of James Boshier

    James Boshier Editing

  18. Photo of Deborah Copeland

    Deborah Copeland Animation

  19. Photo of Stephen King

    Stephen King Animation

  20. Photo of Michael Lewicki

    Michael Lewicki Animation

  21. Photo of Jeremy Mesana

    Jeremy Mesana Animation

  22. Photo of Melanie Plett

    Melanie Plett Animation

  23. Photo of Jody Prouse

    Jody Prouse Animation

  24. Photo of Navin Sachdev

    Navin Sachdev Animation

  25. Photo of Graham Silva

    Graham Silva Animation

  26. Photo of Dustin Trenton

    Dustin Trenton Animation

  27. Photo of Mike White

    Mike White Animation

  28. Photo of Grant Wilson

    Grant Wilson Animation

  29. Photo of Mark Wong

    Mark Wong Animation