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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Mogambo's rating of the film The Off Hours

    I'm a sucker for moody character driven films like this one. I can look past the melodrama and just enjoy the cinematography and music.

  2. Michael Harbour's rating of the film The Off Hours

    Lost people in in a diner seemingly lost in time in a small town somewhere and somewhen in America. The performances are magnificently subtle and real. The setting evocative of places you almost think you've lived in. The characters so stuck in their lives that a hint of movement or change seems Herculean. Rachel Griffiths' first film is an understated Masterpiece.

  3. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film The Off Hours

    Bland, film-schooly mosaic about a group of disparate people who all frequent the same lonely truck stop. An interesting premise is done in by flat characters and bland direction, ultimately leading nowhere.