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  1. Photo of Paul Feig

    Paul Feig Director

  2. Photo of Randall Einhorn

    Randall Einhorn Director

  3. Photo of Ken Kwapis

    Ken Kwapis Director

  4. Photo of Jeffrey Blitz

    Jeffrey Blitz Director

  5. Photo of Ken Whittingham

    Ken Whittingham Director

  6. Photo of David Rogers

    David Rogers Director

  7. Photo of Charles McDougall

    Charles McDougall Director

  8. Photo of Matt Sohn

    Matt Sohn Director

  9. Photo of Paul Lieberstein

    Paul Lieberstein Director, Cast Screenplay

  10. Photo of Tucker Gates

    Tucker Gates Director

  11. Photo of Harold Ramis

    Harold Ramis Director

  12. Photo of Brent Forrester

    Brent Forrester Director

  13. Photo of Jennifer Celotta

    Jennifer Celotta Director

  14. Photo of Troy Miller

    Troy Miller Director

  15. Photo of Bryan Gordon

    Bryan Gordon Director

  16. Photo of Dennie Gordon

    Dennie Gordon Director

  17. Photo of Victor Nelli Jr.

    Victor Nelli Jr. Director

  18. Photo of Jason Reitman

    Jason Reitman Director

  19. Photo of Julian Farino

    Julian Farino Director

  20. Photo of Joss Whedon

    Joss Whedon Director

  21. Photo of Seth Gordon

    Seth Gordon Director

  22. Photo of Dean Holland

    Dean Holland Director

  23. Photo of Lee Eisenberg

    Lee Eisenberg Director

  24. Photo of Gene Stupnitsky

    Gene Stupnitsky Director

  25. Photo of Rodman Flender

    Rodman Flender Director

  26. Photo of Claire Scanlon

    Claire Scanlon Director

  27. Photo of Amy Heckerling

    Amy Heckerling Director

  28. Photo of Miguel Arteta

    Miguel Arteta Director

  29. Photo of Roger Nygard

    Roger Nygard Director

  30. Photo of J.J. Abrams

    J.J. Abrams Director

  31. Photo of Craig Zisk

    Craig Zisk Director

  32. Photo of Stephen Merchant

    Stephen Merchant Director and Screenplay

  33. Photo of Reginald Hudlin

    Reginald Hudlin Director

  34. Photo of Asaad Kelada

    Asaad Kelada Director

  35. Photo of Alex Hardcastle

    Alex Hardcastle Director

  36. Photo of Danny Leiner

    Danny Leiner Director

  37. Photo of John Scott

    John Scott Director

  38. Photo of Marc Webb

    Marc Webb Director

  39. Photo of Charlie Grandy

    Charlie Grandy Director

  40. Photo of Michael Spiller

    Michael Spiller Director

  41. Photo of Eric Appel

    Eric Appel Director

  42. Photo of Brian Baumgartner

    Brian Baumgartner Director and Cast

  43. Photo of Daniel Chun

    Daniel Chun Director

  44. Photo of Bryan Cranston

    Bryan Cranston Director

  45. Photo of Jon Favreau

    Jon Favreau Director

  46. Photo of Lee Kirk

    Lee Kirk Director

  47. Photo of Jesse Peretz

    Jesse Peretz Director

  48. Photo of Rainn Wilson

    Rainn Wilson Director and Cast

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