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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Ogre

    Par rapport au roman, une amère déception et une cruelle faiblesse...

  2. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film The Ogre

  3. Laetitia's rating of the film The Ogre

    Actually, I am a bit at loss for words at the end of this movie. I didn't know wether to sympathize or to scorn these characters. But maybe that's exactly the point.

  4. Christoph's rating of the film The Ogre

    Great movie, with Malkovich playing a blank mirror to so many facets of NS society.Characters are mostly one dimensional, but to me this only emphasized the clear structure of the movie. I guess it helps a lot to know about history, otherwise many plotlines might be missed.

  5. sobczynski's rating of the film The Ogre

    Great to watch sometimes, great cast, no doubt about that, but the story ... it gets out of control sometimes, its like three or four movies in one. Too much if you ask me.

  6. riraru's rating of the film The Ogre

    Beeindruckend, wie Malkovich spielt (und die anderen!), aber so rastlos und ratlos und undurchsichtig wie er, ist auch das Drehbuch. Keine rechte Ahnung, was mir der Film sagen soll, aber Langeweile kam nicht auf.

  7. Inez Cmyk's rating of the film The Ogre

    The undifferentiated depiction of the romanticized mythology upon which the nazi ideology was built is nowhere near Schlöndorffs usual brilliance and left a bitter after taste. Malkovichs character was one-dimensional and lacking in depth. All other characters certainly failed to deliver and appeared caricatural, though Spenglers overdrawn portrayal seemed to fit his role. Unfortunately a big disappointment.